Paul Giorgianni - Attorney at Law - Appellate Litigation

The mission of my legal practice is to provide appellate and other written and oral advocacy,
superior in quality and value.

I entertain proposals for any role:

  • Lead attorney
  • Co-counsel
  • Consultant

I am licensed to practice in all courts and administrative agencies in Ohio, at both evidentiary hearings and appeals.

My 19 years of litigation experience includes cases involving:

  • torts
  • contract disputes (including both enforcement and limitation of non-compete covenants)
  • criminal appeals
  • domestic relations appeals
  • juvenile appeals
  • complex questions of civil procedure
  • product liability
  • close-corporation shareholder disputes
  • probate litigation (including breach of fiduciary duty, removal of fiduciary, will contest, concealment of assets, and guardianship)
  • professional licensing
  • insurance coverage
  • real estate title, land use, and zoning
  • unemployment compensation
  • Revised Code Section 117.28 “finding for recovery” action
  • university academic discipline


Paul Giorgianni

I have represented clients in trials, appeals, administrative hearings, arbitrations, mediations, and depositions, including cases in the Supreme Court of Ohio, six of Ohio’s 12 courts of appeals, the Ohio Court of Claims, and trial courts in at least 17 of Ohio’s 88 counties, two other states, and four federal districts.

Initial consultation is free. I engage in hourly, fixed, contingent, capped, and other creative fee arrangements.

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