Paul Giorgianni - Attorney at Law - Appellate Litigation

Reported Decisions

Supreme Court of Ohio

Sinley v. Safety Controls Technology, Inc., 171 Ohio St.3d 332, 2022-Ohio-4153 (arbitration) [amicus brief]

State v. Ireland, 155 Ohio St.3d 287, 2018-Ohio-4494 (automatism and "voluntary act")

Pelletier v. City of Campbell, 153 Ohio
St.3d 611, 2018-Ohio-2121 (political-subdivision immunity for negligent road maintenance) [amicus brief]

Antoon v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 148 Ohio St.3d 483, 2016-Ohio-7432 (medical-malpractice statute of repose) [amicus brief]

Combs v. Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, 146 Ohio St.3d 271, 2016-Ohio-1565 (recreational-land-use immunity) [amicus brief]

Risner v. Ohio Dept. of Transp., 145 Ohio St.3d 55, 2015-Ohio-4443 (state governmental immunity) [amicus brief]

Mann v Northgate Investors LLC, 138 Ohio St.3d 175, 2014-Ohio-455 (landlord’s tort liability under Ohio Landlord-Tenant Act)

Ries v Ohio Sate Univ. Med. Ctr., 137 Ohio St.3d 151, 2013-Ohio-4545 (state-employee physician immunity)

Vacha v. City of North Ridgeville, 136 Ohio St.3d 199, 2013-Ohio-3020 (political subdivision immunity) [amicus brief]

Smith v. Landfair, 135 Ohio St.3d 89, 2012-Ohio-5692 (tort immunity for equine activities)

State ex rel. Mullins v. Curran, 131 Ohio St.3d 441, 2012-Ohio-685 (appellate mandate; writ of prohibition) [amicus brief]

Engel v. Univ. of Toledo College of Medicine, 130 Ohio St.3d 263, 2011-Ohio-3375 (immunity of state officers) [amicus brief co-author]

Sutton v. Tomco Machining, Inc., 129 Ohio St.3d 153, 2011-Ohio-2723 (wrongful termination of employment in violation of public policy) [amicus brief]

Banford v. Aldrich Chem. Co.,Inc., 126 Ohio St.3d 210, 2010-Ohio-2470 (damages for nuisance) [amicus brief]

Whitley v. River's Bend Health Care, 126 Ohio St.3d 1217, 2010-Ohio-3269 (civil procedure) [amicus brief]

LeRoy v. Allen Yurasek & Merklin, 114 Ohio St.3d 323, 2007-Ohio-3608 (attorney immunity)

Corporex Dev. & Constr. Mgt., Inc. v. Shook, Inc., 106 Ohio St.3d 412, 2005-Ohio-5409 (Economic Loss Doctrine) [brief only]

Ohio Courts of Appeals

Superior Mobile Homes, Inc. v. Massasauga Rattlesnake Ranch, Inc., 11th Dist., 2023-Ohio-3764 (corporate fiduciary duty; damages)

State v. Hearing, 5th Dist., 2023-Ohio-3704 (sex offenses; child pornography)

State v. Roberts, 5th Dist., 2023-Ohio-2763 (Fourth Amendment)

Reed v. Reed, 3rd Dist., 2023-Ohio-756 (complex divorce; financial misconduct)

Carney v. McNally, 5th Dist., 2023-Ohio-148 (child support)

State v. Voltz, 7th Dist., 2022-Ohio-4351 (rape)

Lakhi v. Meritra Health Care, LLC, 10th Dist., 2022-Ohio-3062 (contract)

State v. Stephens, 5th Dist., 2022-Ohio-2944 (drug trafficking)

Moore v. Moore, 10th Dist., 2022-Ohio-1862 (complex divorce)

In re T.S., 5th Dist., 2022-Ohio-975 (felonious assault)

State v. Cutright, 4th Dist., 2021-Ohio-4039 (felonious assault)

In re Guardianship of T.M.D.-D., 4th Dist., 2021-Ohio-3249 (guardianship)

State v. Montgomery, 4th Dist., 2021-Ohio-1831 (tampering with evidence)

State v. Bair, 11th Dist., 2021-Ohio-1257 (Sixth Amendment right to counsel of choice)

State v. Hughes, 10th Dist., 2020-Ohio-3382 (driving privileges)

In re M.W., 5th Dist., 2019-Ohio-4564 (factual findings required for classifying child as a juvenile offender registrant)

Mousa v. Saad, 3rd Dist., 2019-Ohio-4406 ("compensation" for "financial misconduct" in divorce action under R.C. 3105.171(E))

In re Estate of Green, 5th Dist., 2019-Ohio-2862 (attorney fees)

Britton v. Britton, 4th Dist., 2019-Ohio-2179 (civil procedure)

S.K. v. M.W., 5th Dist., 2019-Ohio-1101 (venue; parental rights)

Mousa v. Saad, 3rd Dist., 2019-Ohio-742 (complex divorce; financial misconduct)

In re C.J., 10th Dist., 2018-Ohio-931 (Indian Child Welfare Act)

State v. D.H., 10th Dist., 2018-Ohio-559 (rape; definition of "penetration" and "sexual conduct")

Benschoter v. Benschoter, 5th Dist., 2017-Ohio-8827 (divorce)

Patel v. Sandusky City Sch. Dist., 6th Dist., 2017-Ohio-8510 (civil procedure)

Huntington National Bank v. R Kids Count Learning Center, 10th Dist., 2017-Ohio-7837 (real estate title)

Mousa v. Saad, 3rd Dist., 2017-Ohio-7116 (complex divorce; financial misconduct)

State v. White, 10th Dist., 2017-Ohio-810 (rape; pre-indictment delay; sentencing)

State v. Fields, 10th Dist., 2017-Ohio-661 (consecutive sentences)

Greenberg v. Heyman-Silbiger, 10th Dist., 2017-Ohio-515 (civil procedure)

State v. Ireland, 10th Dist., 2017-Ohio-263 (felonious assault, automatism, and "voluntary act")

State v. Mullins, 10th Dist., 2016-Ohio-8347 (harassment with a bodily substance)

Burkett v. Hickman, 5th Dist., 2016-Ohio-2701 (post-divorce-decree contempt)

State v. Draughn, 10th Dist., 2016-Ohio-1240 (challenge to guilty plea)

In re B.W., 10th Dist., 2015-Ohio-2360 (child custody)

In re K.J., 10th Dist., 2015-Ohio-2244 (constitutional due process aspects of the right to appeal termination of parental rights)

Ware v. Ware, 5th Dist., 2014-Ohio-5410 (divorce; QDRO civil procedure)

In re A.J., 10th Dist., 2014-Ohio-5046 (child custody)

State v. Coogan, 10th Dist., 2014-Ohio-4775 (rape)

Leuhrman v. Verma, 10th Dist., 2014-Ohio-3335 (civil procedure)

Ware v. Ware, 5th Dist., 2014-Ohio-2606 (divorce; retirement assets)

Young v. Locke, 10th Dist., 2014-Ohio-2500 (vacation of judgment due to lack of service of process)

Katz v. Katz, 10th Dist., 2014-Ohio 1255 (complex divorce)

State of Ohio ex rel. Ohio Atty. Gen. v. Tabacalera Nacional S.S.A., 10th Dist., 2013-Ohio-2070 (breach of settlement agreement; tobacco escrow fund)

In re J.W., Jr., 10th Dist., 2013-Ohio-468 (child custody)

The Katz Interests, Inc. v. The Music Factory, LLC, 10th Dist., 2012-Ohio-3919 (appellate mandate)

Friel v. Swartz, 10th Dist., 2012-Ohio-2405 (First Amendment Petition-Clause Immunity; UCC statute of limitations)

State v. Thompson, 10th Dist., 2011-Ohio-5169 (theft; restitution)

State v. Cameron, 10th Dist., 2010-Ohio-6042 (aggravated robbery)

Reid v. Plainsboro Partners III, 10th Dist., 2010-Ohio-4373 (handicap discrimination)

In re Guardianship of Clark, 10th Dist., 2009-Ohio-6577 (guardianship dispute over discovery of healthcare records)

State v. Cameron, 10th Dist., 2009-Ohio-6479 (aggravated robbery)

In re Guardianship of Clark, 10th Dist., 2009-Ohio-3486 (HIPAA & discovery; motion to remove guardian)

Morton Buildings, Inc. v. Correct Custom Drywall, Inc., 10th Dist., 2007-Ohio-2788 (contract dispute)

Tonti v. Hayes, 6th Dist., 2006-Ohio-2229 (civil procedure)

State ex rel. The New Victorians Inc. v. Hurtt, 10th Dist., 2004-Ohio-1598 (mandamus)

Welsh v. Estate of Cavin, 10th Dist., 2004-Ohio-62 (real estate quiet-title dispute)

In re Application of Keller, 12th Dist., 2003-Ohio-6549 (zoning commission appeal)

In re Estate of Knowlton, 5th Dist., 2003-Ohio-2991 (tax; civil procedure)

In re Estate of Nardiello, 10th Dist., 2001-Ohio-4080 (probate)

I have also represented children and indigent parents in parental-rights appellate cases: In re W.W.E, 10th Dist., 2016-Ohio-4552; In re G.D., 10th Dist., 2015-Ohio-1969; In re I.A.C.A., 10th Dist., 2015-Ohio-256; In re C.G.,10th Dist., 2014-Ohio-279; In re K.L., 10th Dist., 2013-Ohio-3499; In re J.P.B., 4th Dist., 2013-Ohio-787; In re S.P., 10th Dist., 2013-Ohio-243; In re D.P., 10th Dist., 2013-Ohio-177; In re H.D.D., 10th Dist., 2012-Ohio-6160; In re T.W., 10th Dist., 2011-Ohio-903; In re A.S., 10th Dist., 2010-Ohio-5446; In re C.P., 10th Dist., 187 Ohio App.3d 246, 2010-Ohio-346; In re W.D., 10th Dist., 2009-Ohio-6903; In re C.P., 10th Dist., 2009-Ohio-2760.

Federal Courts

Parents Defending Education v. Olentangy Local Sch. Dist., 6th Cir. No. 23-3630 (Free Speech) (pending) [amicus brief co-author]

Grassi v. Grassi, 2021 U.S. App. LEXIS 23181 (6th Cir.) (contract, evidence)

United States v. Archer, 362 F. App'x 491 (6th Cir. 2010) (sentencing)

D.E.I., Inc. v. Ohio and Vicinity Regional Council of Carpenters, 155 F. App'x 164, 178 L.R.R.M. 2128 (6th Cir. 2005) (confirmation of arbitration award) [brief only]

Mahoning Valley Sanitary Dist. ex rel. Montgomery v. The Gilbane Building Co., 86 F. App'x 856 (6th Cir. 2004) (R.C. 117.28 "recovery action")

Ladder Man, Inc. v. Manufacturer’s Distribution Services, Inc., 2000 U.S. App. LEXIS 27982 (6th Cir.) (civil procedure)

Andrews v. Securus Technologies, Inc., N.D. Ohio, 2022 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 171041 (Federal Wiretap Act)

Longbrake v. Prudential Ins. Co. of Am., S.D. Ohio, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 155965 (contract)

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